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Gif of Burnout logo

Burn Out Contributions

Brand Identity, Product Design, Motion
Design, and 3-D modeling

Burnout Logo Red


Burn Out is a mid-luxury fashion house based in NYC. They aim to provide safe spaces for gender non-conforming individuals through their gender-neutral fragrances and clothing.

Burnout themed boxes
Burnout themed bottleBurnout themed vertical boxes


My goal was to provide multiple solutions: logo, packaging, and product design for a fragrance that celebrates gender-neutral products and youth culture.

Burnout Logo Red

Logo Design

The design of Burn Out's logo conveys the core ideas of youth culture. The challenge was to create a fresh take on luxury product design that reflected the jaded perspective of Gen Z within the confines of mid-luxury branding. The solution featured a bold, heavily contrasted “B”. Riffing on the visual cues of rebellion, its form emphasizes its slouchiness and distinguishes itself with dense bowls and sophisticated serifs.

Burnout Logo Bnw
PMS 1805 CRGB (193 ,32 , 38 )Hex #C12026
PMS 1815 CRGB (109 ,1 , 0 )Hex #6D0100
PMS 663 CRGB (229 ,225 , 230 )Hex #E5E1E6
PMS Black 6 CRGB (0 ,0 , 0 )Hex #000000
PMS 426 CRGB (48 ,48 , 48 )Hex #303030
PMS 408 CRGB (156 ,148 , 147 )Hex #9C9493
PMS 475 CRGB (255 ,224 , 188 )Hex #FFE0BC


In order to reflect the rebellious aura of youth, I choose red and black as the two main proponents of our color strategy. Complemented by a secondary palette of grays, muted yellows, and blues, the identity establishes Burn Out as an unexpected, edgy, groundbreaking company in today's market.

Burnout themed gift bag
Burnout themed tag
Burnout themed bottle

Product Design

Burn Out's launch of its first fragrance, “Venom,” was designed to introduce gender-neutral scents to the everyday consumer. I became inspired by the exquisite textures and colors of granite countertops and decided to incorporate them with the color schemes used in today's punk scene. The results are a sophisticated yet youthful take on packaging design.