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My Book

The Self Sufficient Selfie


During my senior year of undergraduate
studies, I was assigned a project known as the "Self Sufficient Selfie." This project challenged me to create a comprehensive photography guide focused on self-portraiture. Over the span of three months, I undertook the task of designing, writing, and photographing the entire guide from scratch.

Gif of various book contents


My primary objective with this project was to engage and captivate the reader by delving into the intricate theme of identity. I aspired to craft a guide that not only offered practical assistance but also served as a visually stimulating experience for the audience.

Throughout the process, I orchestrated a series of photoshoots in which I consciously assumed various personas and identities. This deliberate approach allowed me to infuse diversity and distinctiveness into my self-portraits, effectively portraying myself as different individuals.

The end result was a guide that seamlessly merged the informative nature of a traditional instructional manual with the aesthetic appeal of a high-quality magazine.

Book cover and contents of self sufficient selfie
Inside look of book pagesInside look of book pages
Inside look of book pagesInside look of book pages
woman in forest
Woman taking picture surrounded by white orchids
woman holding pear and surrounded by flowers
woman in red and block posing
woman looking at sun
woman in bed with flowers
woman in football hiking position