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Caribbean Corner



Brand Strategy

Logo Design

Visual Identity

Menu Front

The Problem

The menus were challenging to navigate because of their overcrowded, distracting images and illegible typography. Additionally, the absence of a restaurant logo resulted in a failure to convey its identity and values.

My main objective with the menu redesigns was to reduce friction in the ordering process. To achieve a more airy and delicate presentation, I utilized white space and categorized the dishes in a concise layout. Paired with more elegant typography, the resulting main and takeout menus conveyed information seamlessly

Oasis Flyer
Oasis FlyerOasis Flyer


The inspiration for Caribbean Corners' revamped logo stems from the soothing sensations experienced when taking refuge from the blazing sun beneath the comforting shade of a palm tree. It showcases hand-drawn lines that capture the unspoiled beauty of Caribbean beaches, while the rich green color infuses the brand with opulence, paying homage to the lush natural environment. The outcome is a logo that not only embodies the warm hospitality of the West Indies but also conveys the essence of fine dining.