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gif of spot water logo


Brand Identity, Logo Design,
and Animation


Spot is dedicated to providing easy-to-use water testing solutions that indicate the presence of biological and chemical contaminants. To reduce the spread of preventable diseases, Spot aims to provide clean and refreshing water quality assessment tools to those who lack direct access to sanitary drinking water.

building with spot logo


Increasing its visibility in the media, Spot has enlisted me to create an identity that encompasses their mission: get people to think about the water they're drinking. Together, we developed a brand identity and produced 3D visualizations for a media campaign that demonstrated the dangers of drinking tainted water.

transparent version of spot logo
white version of spot logo
white version of spot logo
blue version of spot logo
blue version of spot logo
PMS 2736 CRGB  (0 ,38 , 198 )Hex #0026C6
PMS 2766 CRGB (0 ,16 , 68 )Hex #001044
PMS 2975 CRGB (160 ,217 , 242 )Hex #A0D9F2
PMS White 000CRGB (255 ,255 , 255 )Hex #FFFFFF
PMS 285 CRGB  (6 ,102 , 242 )Hex #0666F2
PMS 2925 CRGB (7 ,145 , 239 )Hex #0791EF
PMS 2726 CRGB (42 ,96 , 203 )Hex #2A60CB
PMS 637 CRGB (76 ,187 , 211 )Hex #4CBBD3


Based on contaminated petri dishes, Spot's logo mark was meant to exude a sense of trust within their customer base. The color palette expands on a saturated blue, nodding to clear water and symbolizing their commitment to users and science. Paired with white space, this color choice champions their dedication to cleanliness, purity, and quality.

gif of spot ad on building


We launched a 3D media campaign that focuses on the repulsive nature of the microscopic pathogens found in dirty water. By inducing a sense of paranoia about drinking water, we were able to emphasize the significance of testing your water quality while providing a simple solution.


These visual attributes establish Spot as the most reliable and available water testing organization in the industry.

two lab workers
one lab worker
petri dish
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